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Hey all

Another lonely e-mail to this mailing list.

Here in SP we have been busy with LaMiMe, the temporary MetaReciclagem media lab established in Sesc Av. Paulista since january, that will be done by next week (just in time for Carnaval). We have had some interesting discussions and presentations, and a lot of workshop concerning low tech, arduinos, puredata, immersive environments, and similar subjects. We have set up a small local library with references, some books (and that Cybermohalla box):leia mais >>

Another status update on MetaReciclagem

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After some time trying to rescue the lab in Olido gallery, we gave up. After all, as I said before, it's major elections year, and the city telecenters coordinator didn't want to understand that we work with the federal government, but are in no way affiliated with PT or any other party. For them, it's easier to think in terms of "who's with them is not with us".
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Status report - 3 - MetaReciclagem

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Third verse. Does anyone remember MetaReciclagem?

3) MetaReciclagem

"MetaReciclagem can not die because MetaReciclagem is not alive"
Magnus Erund, 1797
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another one

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sorry about the verborragia, but remember I once told you we had contact with a lot of different spaces and the number would increase with the cultural spots project?

well, we are currently mapping the spots to choose which ones would be the 100 first contempled with a multimedia lab paid by the government, and in which we will run media production workshops and connect through P2P networks, one tech support website (1) and a conversation environment.

the pictures of some of the spots are here:leia mais >>