Status report - 3 - MetaReciclagem

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(e-mail enviado para a lista da waag-sarai platform)

Third verse. Does anyone remember MetaReciclagem?

3) MetaReciclagem

"MetaReciclagem can not die because MetaReciclagem is not alive"
Magnus Erund, 1797

MetaReciclagem in Sacadura Cabral must have disappeared. The last thing we've heard about them was that they have really been hired to work for car industry. There's nothing we can do about it. It happens all the time, happened in the autolabs project too. The economic pressure is high, the  family asking youngsters "ok, you're doing these funny things, but when are you going to start bringing money home?". Until we are able to really foster economic cycles for alternate media, metareciclagem and all those projects, they will leave us at some point.

It just happened at Olido. Joe, Julio and Feju, the three guys who worked there, were facing a lot of problems since the workers party lost the city administration. They were asked for reports, planning, controlling people access to the space, and all kinds of bureaucracy. In january, the pressure arised and they decided to leave the place. We sent an e-mail to the telecentros project administration saying we were leaving. Then comes this reply from the coordinator of the telecentros project saying "wait a minute, let's talk, it's not that way, we want to work closer with you". But the stress were already created. Two of them left the project, saying thet were tired  of earning R$ 400 to work with those assholes. There's not much we can do about it.

Despite all that, in a rather autonomous way, all those people who have left us still see themselves as "metarecyclers". They do not depend on anyone to have this feeling of belonging to a collective effort.

And the network is growing. More than 150 people subscribe to the mailing list. There are people developing MetaReciclagem in at least fifteen different cities all around Brasil. We still have the space downtown São Paulo, and some of those people who started MetaReciclagem three years ago are still part of it, but the important thing is that there are new leaderships rising, people appropriating our discourse and methodology, and re-creating it.

The GESAC program implementation team absorbed MetaReciclagem as a methodology and are helping to develop spores all around  the country. The Casas Brasil project (mentioned in my last e-mail) asked me and Dalton to develop an online course on MetaReciclagem to be applied to all the 90 Casas Brasil. There are independent conecTAZes and spores popping every week in different places.

I'm thinking seriously about writing on MetaReciclagem.

Plenty of information missing on this message. I'm tired, but if I postpone it to tomorrow, I'll never send it.

Best wishes

Miss you all