Lançamento MutSaz Inverno 2010

MutSaz Inverno 2010

Sexta-feira da semana que vem, lançamento do MutSaz Inverno 2010 na Matilha Cultural, em Sampa.

Ciclo Gambiarra - Diálogos na Casinha (eng, I)

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Hey all

we've had here in São Paulo the first meeting of Ciclo Gambiarra.
it has been a good conversation with Braulio Brito, a.k.a. Çtalker,
a semiotics teacher who's beginning his doctorate studies. He talked
for more than one hour about machines, technological appropriation
and Gambiarra, metaphors, bricolage and political action.

For those who understand portuguese:leia mais >>

news from sampa city

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Hey all

Another lonely e-mail to this mailing list.

Here in SP we have been busy with LaMiMe, the temporary MetaReciclagem media lab established in Sesc Av. Paulista since january, that will be done by next week (just in time for Carnaval). We have had some interesting discussions and presentations, and a lot of workshop concerning low tech, arduinos, puredata, immersive environments, and similar subjects. We have set up a small local library with references, some books (and that Cybermohalla box):leia mais >>