<nettime> Technologies of Resistance: Transgression and Solidarity in Tactical Media

Via: "Miguel Afonso Caetano"

Dear Nettimers:

I have recently finished a M.A. dissertation about
Tactical Media that I've talked about here a few years ago
I'm sending you here the English version of the abstract
and the table of contents. In the thesis, I make some
criticisms of the concept of tactical media in terms of
its current validity. Also, in the second part I cover in
detail some projects of the vibrant brazilian tactical medialeia mais >>

Another status update on MetaReciclagem

(e-mail enviado para a lista da waag-sarai platform)

After some time trying to rescue the lab in Olido gallery, we gave up. After all, as I said before, it's major elections year, and the city telecenters coordinator didn't want to understand that we work with the federal government, but are in no way affiliated with PT or any other party. For them, it's easier to think in terms of "who's with them is not with us".
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Prix Ars 2006 - Online submission

Title of submitted project: MetaReciclagem

Year the work was created:

Type of project: Community-Projekt
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Status report - 3 - MetaReciclagem

(e-mail enviado para a lista da waag-sarai platform)

Third verse. Does anyone remember MetaReciclagem?

3) MetaReciclagem

"MetaReciclagem can not die because MetaReciclagem is not alive"
Magnus Erund, 1797
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