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<nettime> Technologies of Resistance: Transgression and Solidarity in Tactical Media

Via: "Miguel Afonso Caetano"

Dear Nettimers:

I have recently finished a M.A. dissertation about
Tactical Media that I've talked about here a few years ago
I'm sending you here the English version of the abstract
and the table of contents. In the thesis, I make some
criticisms of the concept of tactical media in terms of
its current validity. Also, in the second part I cover in
detail some projects of the vibrant brazilian tactical medialeia mais >>

Brazil Hacker Culture

In 2003, I was invited together with members of other brasilian groups to the 4th edition of the Next 5 Minutes festival. Me and Ricardo Rosas would be part of a panel called "New landscapes for tactical media". My invitation was a result of the participation of Projeto Metá:Fora and MetaReciclagem in the Brasilian Tactical Media Festival, early that year.leia mais >>