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Happened again. As I was flying back to São Paulo, and having read a few things about all the political riot that is happening in Brasil right now, I realized once again that if we are willing to develop real alternatives, we can't depend on governamental efforts. An autonomous space is needed. I'm still not sure whether developing a new space is better than occupying an existing one.

More than once, we have planned labs that never got real. We still have those plans. As I think I said before, creating a project in Brazil counting with financial aid from abroad never looked to us as a viable solution. Not that we have a problem with the idea, it's just that we never heard about that actually happening. All our projects were about counting on governamental support, or trying to create self-sustainability.

I'm starting to think it's worth trying, perhaps mixing international funds and local sustainability. I would know how to start and put the place up, we have enough people engajed on some project or volunteers to help on that. I would really not know how to begin with the international contacts. If you guys helped us, it would be great.

All I'm saying, once again, is that you were probably right, but we have had to take our time to find that out.

Moreover, I truly believe midiatatica and metareciclagem could join efforts to such an effort. The skills of the two networks are complementar. If that's the case, I really think we should call such space on a different name. Perhaps come back with the idea of CafeCoLab, I don't know.

Let's get working?