Another (long) opinion

Hi all

It’s been six months since I’ve been to India. Many things have changed since then. I’d like to put my perspective on the last few months.

First of all: you were right about space. In order to create a group identity, territory is fundamental. Two examples make me believe this is absolutely true.leia mais >>

Conversê metarecicleiro pra parceria

As I commented in the fellowship proposal, our main defficiency is documentation. I’m focusing the work plan on providing an infrastructure and a methodology in order to enable and improve both technical and conceptual conversations about MetaReciclagem. From that conversations, we believe will emerge our vision and methodology, network architecture and space design, based on things that are already running.leia mais >>

Essência da fellowship

a) Research and document MetaReciclagem’s past and current activities and its intersections with other independent groups;
b) Foster the technical documentation of every little thing we create, and struggle in order to help tech staff publishing that documentation as free knowledge;
c) Articulate with groups and media centers in order to consolidate MetaReciclagem not as a competitor, but a collaborative infrastructure instead;
d) Promote the discussion around a mid-term tech plan and a self-replication methodology;leia mais >>

Tech Museum Awards - 2004

Inscrevi o MetaReciclagem no Tech Museum Awards. Passamos na primeira pré-seleção. Textim foi esse:leia mais >>