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Web 3 - Conspirando pra manter a rede pública

Sunday morning I woke up in Berlin with my mind telling me I should change some things in my presentation at transmediale. I started to play with the text and eventually got rid of almost everything I have written before, because I thought there was something way more important than repeating the common web 2.0 criticism: it is a stock market hype; it weakens p2p while centralizes traffic in order to earn profit out of users' ability to create and maintain relationships; and so on. Not that I disagree with that kind of criticism, but I don'tleia mais >>

Loose notes on MetaReciclagem

I have been doing more reading in a week than I used to do in a month, and I always keep a notebook (those made of paper, not electronic ones, remember?) in order to make notes. This week I was opening and reading, with no discipline, Negri and Hardt's Multitudes, one book by Paulo Freire and another about him, Deleuze and Guattari's Mille Plateaux vol. 1, Hakim Bey's TAZ, the last year UnCommon ground session reader, and some of the hundreds of PDFs I'm willing to read in the near future. In between, Williamleia mais >>

Re: Too much technology

Just sent this email to the people involved with the panel I'd be joining in IETM plenary session "Technophobia vs Technophilia", this week in Montreal. leia mais >>

Ciclo Gambiarra - Diálogos na Casinha (eng, I)

(e-mails enviados pra lista da plataforma waag-sarai)

Hey all

we've had here in São Paulo the first meeting of Ciclo Gambiarra.
it has been a good conversation with Braulio Brito, a.k.a. Çtalker,
a semiotics teacher who's beginning his doctorate studies. He talked
for more than one hour about machines, technological appropriation
and Gambiarra, metaphors, bricolage and political action.

For those who understand portuguese:leia mais >>