MetaReciclagem FAQ (English)

What is MetaReciclagem

MetaReciclagem is mostly an idea. An idea about the appropriation
of technology for social transformation. The concept encompasses
various forms of action: the rebirth of donated computers into recycled
labs using free software and the creation of environments through the
Internet where information circulates freely, as well as every type of
experimentation and strategic and operational support for socially
engaged projects. leia mais >>

another one

(e-mail enviado pra lista da waag-sarai platform)

sorry about the verborragia, but remember I once told you we had contact with a lot of different spaces and the number would increase with the cultural spots project?

well, we are currently mapping the spots to choose which ones would be the 100 first contempled with a multimedia lab paid by the government, and in which we will run media production workshops and connect through P2P networks, one tech support website (1) and a conversation environment.

the pictures of some of the spots are here:leia mais >>

back to what matters

(mensagem enviada pra lista waag-sarai)

Happened again. As I was flying back to São Paulo, and having read a few things about all the political riot that is happening in Brasil right now, I realized once again that if we are willing to develop real alternatives, we can't depend on governamental efforts. An autonomous space is needed. I'm still not sure whether developing a new space is better than occupying an existing one.
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more letters from latinamerica

(e-mail enviado para lista da waag-sarai platform)

Hi Everyone

Late notes about territory.

In 2003, while flying back to Brazil after n5m4, I started taking some notes. That has been my first ever trip abroad, and I could at last see things from outside. Furthermore, I've seen a lot of things that transformed the way I thought about what I had been doing.
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